Have Milk delivered to your doorstep

udderly delicious DAIRY

Whole Milk

It’s the creamiest of our milks and perfect for drinking, making hot chocolate, using in coffee, pouring on cereal, & cooking with. 

£1.00 1 Ltr £1.95 2 Ltr (Delivered)

Semi Skimmed Milk

The same milk as our whole milk, but a shade under 2% fat – good for pouring on your cereal & in your tea, as well as drinking ice cold.

£1.00 1 Ltr £1.95 2 Ltr (Delivered)

Skimmed Milk

Still our award winning milk, but with pretty much all the fat removed – even so, it’s got just as much calcium as whole & semi skimmed so just the job for growing strong bones & under 1% fat. 

£1.00 1 Ltr £1.95 2 Ltr (Delivered)

Mini Milk

Using our whole milk, Plurenden ‘Mini Milk’ are perfect for milk shakes. Simply add a straw & quench your thirst!

80p with your choice of straw

Double Cream

Double cream this delicious could only come from contented cows that graze homegrown forage at their own pace. It’ll whip up into soft peaks, or pour it thickly from the pot and smother your pudding.

£1.00 per tub


Our proper butter has a little bit of salt added for flavour. Perfect on hot toast with a cup of tea. 

£3.00 per roll

Milk Facts

  • Each day we produce 8,000 litres of milk,
  • Each cow averages about 25 litres per day at her peak lactation,
  • The first milk a cow produces is called Colostrum- this is packed full of antibodies for her calf,
  • The milk is stored in bulk tanks at 3 degrees and collected every-other night and taken away for processing,
  • Pasteurised milk is heated up very quickly and cooled again to remove any harmful bacteria,
  • Homogenised milk is pushed through a hole under pressure to make all the fat globules that occur in milk the same size and disperse evenly throughout the milk,
  • A Glass of milk is a source of protein, calcium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, vitamins B2, B1 and B12,
  • To get the same amount of calcium from other foods you would have to eat- 63 Brussels sprouts, 11 servings of spinach or 4 servings of broccoli!
  • The milk is separated to remove the cream to give us semi skimmed and skimmed milks
  • In the UK hormones are not given to cows to enhance production- it is illegal
  • Costs- We are paid per litre of milk produced we currently receive 20ppl (pence per litre) and it costs us 30ppl to produce.

​We are not on one of the worst milk contracts by far- many farmers are much worse off at the moment some receiving as little 15ppl, a very hard time for the dairy industry.   

Hence the Opening of the FARM SHOP- we hope you enjoy some of our fresh whole milk, and learning about what goes in to producing it! 

British Red Tractor


We as farmers urge consumers to look for British food when you are shopping – look out for the Union Jack and the Red Tractor symbol.

The Red Tractor Symbol- here are just a few of the rules we have to comply with to be able to sell our milk

1. Animal welfare and husbandry- record keeping and medicine use 

2. Animal records- any births, deaths and movements

3. Vets herd health plan

4. Feeding records and nutritional plans- record of all feed bought in

5. Milk hygiene and quality standards

6. Records of the manure produced and how much nitrogen is in it

7. Records of Nitrogen bought in andspread on the land

8. Training records

9. Any plant pesticide usage records

10. Hedge cutting outside bird nesting months

11. Air - Soil and Water protection plans and reviews

12. Environmental stewardship- field margins, looking after trees in fields and ponds